New at  Cara Studios   
  Click Here for a Sneak Peek at Panel One of  New Painting in Progress:   

Once again  artist  Cara  puts an archetypal spin on  archaeology,  mythology and psychology.   The second in a series of four large paintings will be unveiled this year.  This triptych is inspired by the artists interest in the ancient  history of  the  Celts.   Panel  one  is  filled  with  vibrant  color;  the  images  intertwined  by strands of delicate detail that shadow primitive Celtic designs.  At least 200 birds and other natural images inspired by Celtic mythology and the Celtic Otherworld occupy this panel.

It is expected that an original interpretive music composition by Pianist James Fletcher Wubbena and other musicians will once again be incorporated into a performance with the painting and dramatic readings of the artist's poetry.