Mothers Children
A Chapbook dedicated to the memory of my Mother. Comments
and thoughts on being a woman and a Mother, memories of a child,
observances on children growing up and letting go.

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To My Mother's
The People in
My House
Letting Go* Of Her
I am Woman On Watching a
Young Composer
Renewal Prologue: The Telephone Call
 Morning Song  My Son Birthing Tree  
Fresh With Life*  Coming of Age* Growing Question  
Every Mothers
Commiseration Legacy:
Mother Power*

Simple hand bound with handmade paper, book mark and
illustrations.  Size approximately 5.75 x8.5, signed  by Cara                                                      
Original Artist Book, multiple handmade papers, color can be chosen, illustrations on vellum,
 ribbon bookmark, tied , signed and remarqued by artist 

Hand bound artist book with handmade papers, color chosen, one of a kind  monotype
 print within the book or Lt Edition Print for hanging taken from artist portfolio, signed
 and  remarqued, silk book mark                          
                                                                From $350

Beautiful, personalized hand bound  artist book with original monotype print  within book and/
or limited edition print for hanging.  Artist deigned cover of multiple handmade papers,
exquisite papers of chosen colors  metallics if appropriate, poetry pages also handmade
original monotype prints,
illustrations on vellum, silk book mark, tied or clasped,
boxed, subscribed and remarqued by Cara. 
 Each a work of art. Special order       $500-$1500

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