Directions to Cara Studios
 Library and Greenwood Sts. Barnesville, Ga
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Barnesville, Georgia is located fifty miles south of midtown Atlanta. It can be located on the map off
Hwy 75 between the towns of Griffin and Macon.  

Directions:  Historical/Scenic  Route,  #1 on Map
Hwy. 75 south from Atlanta to Exit 201, Hwy 36.  It will read Barnesville, 
Jackson Exit
. Turn right off the ramp to go West.   Follow Hwy. 36 approximately 11.2 miles
(Ignore Business district sign)
and bear right with Hwy. 36 when it looks like it splits off, about
three miles before the town.  Continue
3/4 mile or so to divided highway Hwy. 341,  Turn left.

This is a perimeter road around Barnesville.  GO PAST the first Barnesville turnoff
(past Hot Spot Station and Convenience Store)  Proceed
approximately 2.25 miles .  You will
go through one blinker and one traffic light. 
Turn left at light immediately after RR tracks  
(on the right will be a blue and white Flash gas station with thunderbolt sign.) This will be
Thomaston Street, no sign on Hwy)  It will lead you through the Victorian residential
area and on towards the little downtown area.

Just before you reach downtown you  will see a large white Methodist Church on the left and
large court house on the right.
Turn left either  side of the church onto Holmes or Library
(on short white posts. Green signs will also says Chamber or Tag  Office) 

 Cara Studios property is directly behind the church. It is a two story red brick building
with columns and palladium windows. A Cara Studios sign is in the yard and the old Carnegie Library
sign is on the side of the  carport.  The front of the building
faces Greenwood St.  

 Parking is available in the driveway or to either side. For large events, parking at the Chamber of
Commerce  on Holmes directly across the street. 
Door bell is to the left of the door on the column.

         Alternative Directions