Limited Edition Prints by Cara
inspired by impressions and artifacts encountered on 
archaeological excavations and travel abroad.

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These six archaeologically oriented prints are limited editions presently available in editions of 500.  Please also note that prints may be made on an individual basis from many of the paintings on this web site.  Contact artist.

Three of these prints may be pastel enhanced by the artist for deeper color and the look of an original.       $75

The long lost rose-red city of Petra, Jordan has intrigued travelers and journalists for centuries. NBC Today and PBS stations have documented its fascinating ruins. It even made a movie appearance in the last scene of an Indiana Jones movie.  A traveler’s first view of the city, after a horse back ride down a long canyon, is “The Treasury." It is a spectacular 80 foot temple style façade carved from the side of the mountain. In this pastel painting one of two side doors glow in the afternoon sun. It was named "Aditus," Latin for opening or entryway.  I chose the name because the study of Archaeology  was a doorway for me into a vast treasury of knowledge that is held in the ruins of the ancient world.


Image Size 21x31.5
Overall size 24 x 34
Original Pastel Sold

Limited Edition Prints Available, Ed  of 500

The purity of the lily seen in the midst of lush primordial foliage denotes beginnings as does the potters hands shaping what is to become a chalice.  Hidden symbols of life, creation and man's choices are there for the interpretation of the viewer.  The original painting  "genesis" is now incorporated with a companion painting into a diptych called "Folded Wings;" together a poignant celebration of life. Poetry available.

genesis for web lt
Image Size: 20.5 x 25.5
Overall size  25 x 30

Original acrylic/pastel \NFS
 Limited Edition Prints
Available, Ed  of 500           $185

See original acrylic diptych with
 Click image                

"Terra Sigillata" features a double exposure genre scene from the lives of the ancient Romans.  It incorporates a genteel Roman lady which was inspired by a two inch artifact.  Behind her is a distant view of Jerusalem and a piece of Terra Sigillata fine ware excavated from an elaborate villa in the ruins of the city of David in Jerusalem.

It is recommended that you have your print pastel enhanced by the artist for deeper color and the look of an original.                   $50

Terra Sigillata
Image Size: 19 x 21
Overall size  21 x 23

Original  in Artist Col
Limited Edition Prints Available, Ed  of 500

The ancient Philistines, or "Sea Peoples," were an extremely curious and highly developed civilization that made themselves known somewhere around 1200 BC.  Among their attributes are the development of the use of iron and their distinctive pottery.  "Ancient Aire" is one of a series of paintings featuring this unusual pottery.  It is set against a background of typical Philistine geometric designs.

It is recommended that you have your print pastel enhanced by the artist for deeper color and the look of an original.                   $50

ancient2.jpg (21525 bytes)
Ancient Aire

Size: 16 x 13.5
Overall size  14.5 x 17

Original in Artist Col
Limited Edition Prints
Available, Ed  of 500                            $165

This striking vessel was created in 1968 by Joy Navasie, a Hopi Pueblo potter who is also called "Frog Woman."  It is decorated with arabesque designs and life forms derived from prehistoric origins.  Cara  echoes ancient motifs with free form designs that highlight the modern work of art and aesthetically links the viewer to its mysterious origins.  Poetry available.

odejoy1o.jpg (5581 bytes)
Ode to Joy
Size: 14 x 20
Original Sold

Limited Edition Prints Available, Edition of  f200                   $150 

Nebuchadnezzar, Ashurbanipal, Babylon and Nineveh; people and places from a mysterious time and place cannot help but stir the imagination.  "Sentinels" a collage of Assyrian images and designs, takes its inspiration from wall tiles and the famous wall reliefs of Nineveh, dating to 988 BC and presently seen in the British Museum in London.

Sntnel2.JPG (40831 bytes)

Size: 32 x 23

Original Sold

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