And now you antiquated
You would
take away my dignity

throw me in the lions den
color my soul black
You, who were persecuted
for believing in yourself
You, who thought you knew
to interpret, translate
You, with the "signs"
your blind priests
married to themselves
How dare they wake up
in my bed, shake the sheets
with incense
. mumble
words, to make it right

In the eyes of whom?  
Go ahead, take my and
 my children's soul
away to give someone
else life in the church

You say, not me, the
 did not  exist
Innocent honor stolen for
your counted numbers

How many people will
you decapitate. arrest
their heads of memories, 
leave them naked
daughters of the church

outside the gates
We also took you as
, as sanctified
holders of our hands
Do you care now of my
Take my name and
hide it
in scrolls in the
dark and dank
No, it is not a good time
you idiot virgin priests
to take my heart and
tear it to pieces

I am angry that you
a name only
think you
can  decide my fate

So what's new?
You have killed in
God's name before
So who am I but a
pebble in the path

of your Great Mission
It's you who cannot interpret
fooling only yourselves.

Copyright  1998 Cara

Copyright and all reproduction
rights on
paintings and poetry reserved by the
 artist and Cara Studios