Chorus for Jerash

Oh you sons of Jerash
       “Sons of Jerash’
Whence have you come?
Your rude hour of
greatness now over
       “Sons of Jerash”
Past these great columns
as many you strode
with promises of power
Where are you now
       “Sons of Jerash”
What good was power?
What good was gold?
Did you leave your babies?
Did you have a love?
You loved, you lived, you wept
       “Sons of Jerash”
But did you learn?
Did you think you’d be
as the sun, eternal?

Daughters of Jerash
with resolute optimism you
became sentinels of the age
alone, firm and
foundation of the world
         “O Daughters”
Where are you now?
What have you learned?
          Daughters of Jerash”
Waiting with babes in arms
the seed of the generations
         “Daughters of Jerash”
You loved while you wept
Did you think they would
be as the sun, eternal ?

Copyright 1996 Cara

This poem available with a Limited Edition Print of the Roman City of  Jerash
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