Cape Cod

Now where she sees
the light along the coast,
that glimmering warmth
on a silent wind that
trails  on the mind
of the seaward bound

Drawn by the song
of the waters edge, the
hearty bundled masses

chase the curling gray
up cobblestone paths
to private harbors
huddled on the hill

Remnants of tales
shuffled up under
heavy wool blues,

loosed  by the flush
the kindling, liquid

behind closed shutters
and mingled with the
taste of the
 sailors wit

Beyond the realm
she flies, the white
bird calling, untold
fervency that draws
them back again
and again, to be men,
moaning of the buoy
the only memento
of repose.

Copyright 1994,  2000 CARA

Copyright and all reproduction rights on
paintings and poetry reserved by the artist and Cara Studios