• Therapy


  • Jealousy pushed high
    inside my Self. Blinded
    reason and mounting
    hurt swept my arms fast.
    It plays now like a silent
    movie in my mind, hurling
    whatever I could find
    towards you, close enough
    for anger's sake.

  • There was the tender of other
    years when I did nothing.

  • And when coke finally dripped

  • down the walls, shoes rested in
    dishes on the counter, she left.

  • You stood here dumb founded

  • and I cried hysterically, the

  • person of control


  • I loved you, I hated you.

  • I loved him and I hated him

  • in that swirling moment

  • The anger felt good and awful.

  • It lashed out at all the wrong,

  • all the mistakes and sorrow
    that we can not make right.


  •   Copyright 1999, 2003 CARA

    Copyright and all reproduction rights on
    paintings and poetry reserved by the artist and Cara Studios

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