My eyes trace designs on the vessel
  Hands gingerly caress its surface
  If I had no sight I would  still feel
  and sense the one who formed it
  who knew well the stretched
  wings cutting its smoothness
  the distorted figure of nature
  The earth rises up to shape it
  giving it life and breath

  The wrinkled visage knows
  smiling at the endless bands of
  color,  spinning as the planets
 "Mother Earth, he says
 stands watch over her creation
 cupping fruits of harvest in her
 arms and this kernel I place
 is her desire for longevity"
 Only she then, told him when
 it was to be returned to the dust
 and the life poured from the
 crevasse to be felt again
 by the rudeness of my fingertips

Copyright 1991 CARA

Copyright and all reproduction rights on
  paintings and poetry reserved by the artist and Cara Studios