Southern Quarterly         

I Spring

Paisleys soft with Spring,
bedecked in dew and
banked low in dappled
grottoes, await the
gently suspended laces
of white. New green
hushes the errant blush
of promise as the great
lavender furls exude their
heavy essence and coax
forth the song of summer.


II. Summerr

Gnats fly in haste,
bees swarm on the
heavy back of dawn.
High green creeps to
billowed boughs and
droplets search the
furrowed flower. Pasty
dust flies of sunlit
yellow, augmentation
to the overture and dark
throats of another hour

III Fall

In the flight of flowers the
cidered breeze casts out
the rose. Hallowed golden
mounds give way to russets.
Crackling remnants drift
upon a mossy sea, long
devoid of verdant hues.
Stalks lye close to the ground.
And In the evening glow
the world is warm, feathered
seeds consecrated. Hanging
low , the misty chill speeds
forth before the call of nature.


IV. Winter

Heavy the shroud
tangled fields lay die
cast in brown. Helpless
they, to the resonant
license of death that
creeps its way upon
leafless forms and
silences the garden.
Boughs of pine, stark
still life in green, beg
consolation of alabaster
laces. Frozen wings
scattered now curled
for regeneration.

Copyright 1996,2004  CARA

Copyright and all reproduction rights
on paintings and poetry reserved by the artist and Cara Studios