Artist's Truth

Shadow Shadow,
within you
before you
darkest retainer
of the faces therein

She the one lurking
the panther, carries an
image that lies in wait.
I say, come out of the
dark and see the light.

You, woman, Do
you not see the light?
Shadow, I will tell you,
here lurks a spirit waiting
to be free. but how many
times will she retreat?

Panther, Panther
tellme true. Who holds
the crown? You…my
beauty,turn and look.
You become yourself

Tigress, Tigress
unwrap your soul
transcended stripes
that follow you. Image
of gold, just look again.
You are the light

no longer
need you be hunted.

  Copyright 1999, 2003 CARA
Copyright and all reproduction rights on
paintings and poetry reserved by the artist and Cara Studios

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