What He Has Lost He Longs For

And he laid him down in her
sacrificed a part of his honor
And in so doing
became one with her
One with Mother Earth
that force he courted slyly.
Pursued with life's proud armor
he sought to harness her energies
And as she lay, undisguised,
he took her soul inside of him
to live in harmony with her.

And she, this Mother Earth
gave her youth to honor him
bore fruits for his adoration
sent forth tendrils to protect him
gave him drink from her bosom
Like a sympathetic lover,
she wiped his brow
as he... tended her
She, a willing respond of nature,
sacrifice incarnate
taught him to blossom
and to bear.

 Copyright 1997 CARA

Copyright and all reproduction rights on
paintings and poetry reserved by the artist and Cara Studios