Portfolios of Feminine Influence

From the artist:
"The images you will see in this portfolio are glimpses into the lives of women worldwide. Some are details from larger paintings or are portraits and im- pressions from travel. There are, of course, glimpses of my own life and interests as well. 

Some of the paintings in this section were created during a period of great personal life changes.  The creative process can be a powerful source for growth, healing and enlightenment. New avenues of study and contemplation are constantly presented to me and find their way into my paintings.  A theme of great importance to me is the interconnectedness of all humans and our precious and fleeting place in the universe.

A few of the paintings were inspired by my long  time interest and participation in archaeology.  Extended study of world cultures includes a deep interest  in mythology,  Jungian Psychology, the collective unconscious and ultimately the individuation process.  Contemplation of our own place in this  fascinating universe continues to deepen my interest in our many world religions, spirituality and higher consciousness studies.      

Thank You for sharing a moment. I hope you
enjoy this section of my portfolio.
"   Cara

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