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#1 Esprit 
monotype:  ink, acrylic paint on plexi-glass black frame 33 x 41, 
black and gray  dbl mats                     
  #2 Three Sisters of the Muse
monotype: monotype, crayon
black. frame,  black mat,  27x32     

M ' Lady


  #4  Female Figure
monotype detail  from 
"watching itself discover truth" 
Lt Edition P
rints only,  size determined 

  #5  Female Figure
monotype detail from 
" watching itself discover truth "
Lt Edition prints only                 $285+
  #6 The Classic Lady
monotype and pastel,
 img 16 x 20.5, framed  22x27
 black mat, black frame                      $650

#7 Terra Sigilatta
acrylic and pastel, fr 28x30
earth tone mat, gold metal frame.       $
Limited Editions Prints available        from  $185
                Pastel enhanced  & remarqued          add  $100

#8  Victorian Secrets
monotype, frame 14x16, img  5x8
triple mat, black fr .                             $350

#9  In the Garden of .......
monotype, image 8x10, fr15.5 x 17
black and green dbl mat
black frame                     
                   currently on loan   
#10  Esprit II
monotype, with poetry
image 151.5x18.5, framed 22x26


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# 3  Female Figure
monotype, img 6.5x14,  black frame
framed size 13x22                                       $850   
Limited Edition Prints , size determined,                 $250+