Art History, Archaeology, Mythology and Psychology succumb to modern interpretation in the
archetypal work of artist and poet Cara.  The focal point for this unique exhibit is an eight foot
by fourteen foot triptych entitled watching itself discover truth.  

One does not get by with a quick study of this painting.   Influenced by Jungian psychology and
the philosophy of Joseph Campbell and her experiences in archaeology, Cara  delves into the spirit
of the past, the self,  and the collective unconscious. You will react to universal symbols, drawn from
 a wide variety of ancient and modern sources, while seeking out personal and archetypal nuances.
Cara has woven a multi-layered web of  primal images,  brightly colored abstract and geometric
shapes, and representational and abstract figures. Cara places words, phrases and poetic reference
in various languages throughout the painting..

Cara dispenses a  healthy dose of  awe  and excitement as she illustrates the spiritual connection
of all cultures as well as the universal energy that connects all life. "Watching" is
the first of a
series of four large paintings with this theme.  The painting is set to  music with poetry   and 
lights as part of 
her short but powerful performance,
"Folded Wings,   A Journey of the Spirit." 
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