A  cultural Experience You Won't Want to Miss !

Archaeology, Mythology, and Psychology succumb to modern interpretation in the archetypal work of artist and poet, Cara, and composer James Fletcher

The focal point for this unique artistic experience is Cara’s fourteen-foot acrylic triptych entitled "watching itself discover truth.” There is no quick study of this painting. Brightly colored animals leap from the canvas. Words and phrases lay hidden in the multi-layered web of geometric and natural forms. Primal and figurative forms spin a tale from the collective unconscious. The real  takes on the unreal.  Representational becomes abstract. And the impersonal becomes personal.  In  his twenty-five minute tonal illustration, composer J. Fletcher and  music ensemble, expertly create an additional dimension for the painting. A darkened gallery assists the immersion of the viewer in the experience while dramatic music, lights, and the artist’s poetry highlight the painting narrative.






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