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The Arts;

The scale of civilization,
The bridge between languages,
The signature of mankind.

From the Artist and Poet, Cara

Artists contemplate many topics in their quest for ultimate understanding and for inspired painting material. Nature, music and poetry  have always provided aesthetic and meditative inspiration.  My interests go beyond, however, for thrust into the middle of nature is mankind, a deeply perplexing  and inspirational subject. From childhood on I was led in many directions in  pursuit of answers to the big questions; where do we come from, what did our ancestors believe, what do I believe and why.

 I am of German heritage and was raised in a Czech community. Little did I know that a  fascination with  Native American burial mounds in my uncles timber would also lay  the groundwork for a lifelong interest  in the archaeology, mythology and art of our many world cultures.

Later as a member of archaeological excavations abroad I contemplated the inexplicable link to the ancients whose cities I dug. Who could not be touched to see an intricate beaded necklace laying in 5000 year old soil, looking as if it had just fallen from a woman's neck? How could I, as an artist, not feel a spiritual link when touching a potterís thumbprint from 2500 BC  ---or a footprint 4o,ooo years old in a cave? How could I not identify with the mistake in an artist's brushstroke some 2000 years old? These experiences go to the very core of my being.

Why, does it affect me? The answer is because they are us-- or we are them. We know no color or race  while at work on the dig. Yet here is the remains of a  town that prospered, humans who lived, loved, ate, designed magnificent architecture, wrote plays and made fantastic artwork. 

This experience propelled me into extensive study  of mythology, art history, spirituality and religious beliefs of these cultures. The paintings, monotype prints, poetry and performances found on these pages reflect  philosophical questions posed by these studies.  My paintings are layered with personal nuances, of course, but also  many universal symbols called archetypes. The narrative is inspired by  studies of the collective unconscious following the tradition of Joseph Campbell, the Psychologist Jung and others. 

As you excavate the many layers  of my paintings or read my poetry, I hope you will dig beyond the surface of the symbols, images and abstract forms.  Peruse my portfolios and you will discover your own story, mine and  an undeniable common thread that links all cultures, past and present.

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Offer your guests something unique.  Venture to my quiet historic town south of Atlanta for a cultural experience.  Tour my studio in the old Carnegie Library and/or schedule a performance of "Folded Wings." featuring  my 14 foot painting, "watching itself discover truth."

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