Cara Studios 
Cara Studios is located in the historic town of
Barnesville, Georgia just fifty miles south of midtown
Atlanta.  Artist and owner, Cara, has established an
unusual and inviting atmosphere for her studio and 
home in an old Carnegie Library.  The town's beloved 
building was built in 1910 with funds from the infamous 
steel magnate and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie.  It is
nowlisted on the National Historic Register. Cara  restored
thebuilding maintaining the ambience of gentility afforded
early 20th Century.  She  adapted the building  for reuse
as gallery, mini-performance space, and meeting place for art
groups. The upper floor is the artist's residence. In recent years,
many of the cultural events in Barnesville have taken  place at
Cara Studios. Cara is well known for opening nights of her exhibits
which often feature unique interdisciplinary presentations.  The artist 
also created a sculpture garden on the property. 

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