Folded Wings,  A Journey of the Spirit
Poetry Chapbook  by Cara
1. Chapbook with poetry and  illustrations.  Images are details from the fourteen foot painting "watching itself discover truth"  Simple Hand bound with handmade papers and bookmark
$ 39
2. Simple Hand Bound artist book as above with  music CD from
performance "Folded Wings"
3.Artist Book, original, all poems, handmade papers, illustrations on vellum, chosen colors, ribbon bookmark, tied , signed  and  remarqued   $100
4. Artist book as above with limited edition remarqued custom sized print From
5. Original artist book  designed for each individual,  chosen colors, exquisite papers, metallics if appropriate, original monotype within,  illustrations on vellum , silk bookmark,  tied or clasped and boxed, subscribed and remarqued by Cara.  This book includes music CD from "Folded Wings,"  by composer James Wubbena. Each a work of art, Special order. Contact artist


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