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Poems about everyday experiences, feelings, and observances.   All books are by special order.
Watch for Volume III on the artists impressions of and spiritual attachment to water, sailing, living by the water.                                               


Volume I

Night Rhetoric
The City
Saga of the Carnegie Library
Movable Stacks
An Ode to Water
The People in my House
Time Line
Southern Quarterly I-IV
On Watching A Young Composer
Turning of Man
Once I Lived Where It Snowed
Volume  II

Cape Cod
Two Boxes of Grace
The Veil of Fear
Pink Floyd Laser Show*
Demanding Strength
Lost Helping the Lost
Letting Go

Counting Blessings 
Turning of Man
Green Piece

Plain bound Chapbook, all  poems, handmade paper, illustrations                                                           $45

Artist Book, original, all poems, handmade papers, illustrations on vellum, ribbon bookmark, tied and signed  $100                                                                                                                                                                                    

Hand bound artist book with handmade papers ,signed and remarqued, by artist, original monotype print
within the book
 or Limited  Edition Print for hanging.  Print size made to  order                                                            From $350 
Original Artist book personally designed for each individual, chosen colors, exquisite papers,
 metallics if appropriate, original monotype illustrations, tied or clasped and boxed, silk bookmark, subscribed
and remarqued by Cara. 
Each a beautiful work of art,    Special order                                                                             $500-$1500