J. Fletcher, Composer     

Folded Wings, A Journey of the Spirit" is an inter-disciplinary project that came about as a result of
many years' collaboration with the artist/poet, Cara.  Ideas for a collective production began after I
discovered her paintings as an inspirational source for my compositions. I had also composed for and
performed with a modern dance troupe. In the course of the last few years, we have collaborated on
other interdisciplinary presentations such as one  for the Atlanta Olympics and exhibit/performances
from my collections "Unturned Stones" and "Aviator."

These compositions have been grounded by an understanding of the artists' deep personal interest in the
history and archaeology of the many cultures of the world and her spiritual and psychological connection
to the past. My goal is to compose a musical landscape of sounds with a mysterious but compelling aesthetic
quality.  I wish to accent the narrative of the painting and provide a link to the mystical symbols

in her paintings.

The musical score for " Folded Wings" is in four parts plus an introduction, and lasts approximately
twenty-five minutes.  This inter-disciplinary project  will, in the final stages, involve the visual artist and
poet, readers, select instrumentalists, projection and lighting experts, dancers and myself.   I have
assembled a selection of professional musicians who have proven to perform well together.  The artist's
poetry has been selectively inserted into the musical score.

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