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 J Fletcher, composer bio 
 Cara, artist bio

..Reid McGowan, percussionist   Carrollton, Georgia

Reid McGowan comes to "Folded Wings" with a wide diversity of musical talents. He attended
Georgia State University, where he studied classical guitar and chorus. He became a sought after
musician, played in over forty bands and has played every style of music from Blues to Rock and Roll.
Reid enjoys singing in his church choir and participates in two small musical groups  as well as a
rock band in Carrollton, Ga.

Reid has also become involved in the study of Native American spirituality and is interested in
spiritual healing through the aspects of music. He kindled a desire to master the Native American
flute as well as  the art of making and playing traditional drums.  He writes his own music for the
drum and flute.  He has conducted two drum making workshops in Lamar County.  Both ended with
an evening demonstration/concert.

Reid first came to Cara Studios as percussionist for the "Folded Wings, A Journey of the Spirit"
interdisciplinary event.  He will be part of the musical ensemble playing  for another interdisciplinary
event in the Fall of 2000.

  Drum Workshop   Resume

..Nellie Laberge, Flutist    Concord, Georgia
Nellie earned her Bachelor of Music Education degree at Indiana University in the 1960's
and her Master of Music Theory at Georgia State University in 1990. She is currently a member
of the Concord Chamber Players, a local renown chamber trio consisting of flute, harp and violin.
The group recently performed a Celtic Concert for Lamar Arts in Barnesville.

Nellie is involved with the Concord area community arts and has also graciously devoted time to
Lamar Arts Annual Celebration of the Arts. In her continuing efforts to promote the arts through
music, she enjoys teaching flute and piano in her home. She became a sojourner of the spirit as flutist in
"Folded Wings' in 1997.

Concord Chamber Players

..DeAnn Whalen, violinist  Nashville, Tenn

DeAnn Whalen, Griffin, Ga. attended Belmont University School of
Performing Arts in Nashville, TN.  majoring in Commercial Music
Performance on the violin.  De Ann began her career in violin in high school
whereafter she moved to Tenn and became a  very popular accompanist and band
member in the
Nashville area.  She has recently performed in the Commercial (Jazz)
Showcase at Belmont and has upcoming performances in A Country Showcase
and  with Southbound, the School’s country music ensemble.   She records
frequently as a studio musician in Nashville. In addition, she continues her
classical studies and performs regularly with a string ensemble.
Resume, prior to College

Dr. Jeanne Beckwith, dramatic reading,  Roxbury, Vt

M.A. in Creative Writing, Indiana University, 1974 M.F.A., University of Georgia, 1990
Ph.D., University of Georgia, 1994
 Adjunct Professor, Drama Department   Alabama State Community College

Dr Beckwith has been writing and producing plays since 1982. In 1987 she was recipient of an
individual artists fellowship from the Arts Council. She is a professional actor, working in summer
repertory theater, most recently with the Highlands Playhouse in Highlands, North Carolina.

Jeanne has worked as a director in children's theater and in academic theater. She has had
plays produced at the Bloomington  Playwrights Project in Bloomington Indiana and with the
Hypothetical  Theater Company in New York City.  She has also had productions at the
University of Georgia. She was theater director at Gordon College, a two-year school in the
University System of Georgia for five years.

Dr Beckwith has been very active in community affairs and has generously volunteered her
time to Lamar Arts, a local arts  agency and Cara Studios.  One of her one act plays was staged
at Cara Studios in 1996. She does the dramatic reading of poetry for "Folded Wings."

..Suzanne Wubbena, Lighting    Statesboro, Georgia
Suzanne Wubbena is a native of Oxford, Ohio. She lives in Statesboro, Georgia with her husband
J. Fletcher, composer for  "Folded Wings."  She earned her Masters in Early Childhood Development
from Emory University in 1993. She is a public  school teacher in Statesboro and is a member of the
International Thespian Society.

Suzanne has a background in theater which includes stage management.  While attending Emory University she worked on major productions such as Kiss Me Kate, Annie, The Real Thing and Anything Goes. She came to this interdisciplinary production with an innate understanding of the message and narrative of "Folded Wings." Her deft precision as the lighting technician was greatly appreciated.

John Barry  Photography and Recording
Blue Heron Studio
Carrollton, Georgia
          Special thanks  to John, a professional photographer, for the photo of the musicians and of the painting.
We are grateful for his assistance in the recording of the musical composition and the use of his
recording equipment

..Harold McFarland, concert bass, bass guitar and stage management  
                     Atlanta, Georgia


Harold is a transplant to Atlanta from his native Virginia.  He is an engineer in telecommunication but has a long-standing background in music and theater.

Harold began working in theater, community benefit productions and for Virginia State 4-H Conferences before he graduated high school.  In recognition of his expertise, he was chosen to work with Kit Bond, technical Director for The New Virginians at Virginia Poly Tech Institute in Blacksburg, Virginia.  He became adept at stage design and helped construct stage sets for eight theatrical productions.

Harold will join the music ensemble for the next interdisciplinary presentation in the spring of 2001. His varied theatrical and musical background is a plus. Harold has directed lighting and sound for twelve musical bands and performed as musician in many Top 40, Bluegrass and Country bands.  He began his career with violin and concert bass, followed by tuba, guitar, keyboard and harmonica.  Harold has been asked to play bass guitar and will also be assisting with recording, stage management and lights.

Joining the group for the next interdisciplinary  presentation in the fall of 2001, Harold has
been asked to play bass and will also be assisting with recording and lights.  Thanks to him for time
contributed to L'Arts and Cara Studios functions and information provided on lighting equipment.