Bio:  J. Fletcher, Composer
Piano and Keyboard  Resume Artist Statement

J Fletcher has been composing music as far back as he can remember.  He crawled around under his
mother’s grand piano as a baby every evening while she played.  It was not until after he began piano
lessons in third grade, however, that his family was aware that he was playing classical music compositions
by ear and composing his own pieces.

Musical Education: Jim, to his family, has had ten years of classical piano lessons, four with concert
pianist, Brenda Waldbauer.  He also had two years instruction on keyboard from the Director of Music
at Indian River Community College, Ft. Pierce, Fla.  He sang bass for four years with Opus, an award
winning high school chorus and choir in South Florida, under the tutelage of Mr. Ron Corbin.  In his
senior year, he was an accompanist and soloist on keyboard with the choir.  In 1990, concert pianist,
Ann Kelly, Washington, D. C., sponsored a concert for Jim in Stuart, Florida.

Jim’s compositions were used during those years for teaching students at a local dance studio. Dance pieces
were choreographed for his music and performed at the Martin County Center for the Arts in Stuart, Florida.
He also formed his own rock band during his high school years, playing gigs in southeast Florida.  In 1988,
the band won the “Battle of the Bands for Young Artists” in South Florida.

Recordings:  His Mother, Cara, is a painter.  Jim began using her paintings as inspiration for compositions
while in high school.  He continued to compose pieces on the piano and keyboard while at the Savannah
College of Art and Design where he received his degree in architecture.  His album “Aviator” was recorded
in 1992.  "Folded Wings," an interdisciplinary event was recorded in 1997 and “Unturned Stones,” a collection
of pieces which reflect on ancient cultures, is pending.

Interdisciplinary Events:  Jim has played regularly at art exhibitions at Cara Studios in Barnesville, Ga.  In
1995, they gave their first interdisciplinary performance, “Present marking the Past.”  It was an exhibition of paintings, a dramatic reading of a narrative poem, “A Fantasy on a Mayan Solstice” and featured his composition,
“Summons to a Sun God.”  In 1996, they presented “Folded Wings, a journey of the spirit” at an Olympic Celebration of the Arts. His composition was featured with  an exhibition of paintings.  In the spring of 1997,  the
full version of “Folded Wings” was presented to an enthusiastic  audience.  This interdisciplinary event  featured a five-piece music ensemble, a 14-foot painting, a dramtic reading of poetry and  artistic light effects. It was recorded in July of 1997.  The "Folded Wings" ensemble is listed on the Touring Roster with the Georgia Council for the Arts.

Jim is dedicated to sharing “Folded Wings” with the public.  He and Cara present their interdisciplinary events at Cara Studios  and throughout the SE United States.  He enjoys playing informally with Atlanta and other SE Georgia musicians  as well.  He and his wife, Suzanne, plan to move to Atlanta from their present home in Statesboro, Ga. during the summer of 2000.