"Folded Wings, A Journey of the Spirit"
To add dimension to the painting,  audiences will experience total immersion via an interdisciplinary presentation. Beginning in a darkened gallery, viewers will be given a chance to study the painting as lights, music and the artist's poetry highlight the painting.  In his twenty-five  minute musical composition, composer and pianist  J. Fletcher, and accompanying music ensemble, offer a hauntingly beautiful tonal landscape that complements and enhances the archetypal narrative of the painting. Recorded performances scheduled.  Please click on the image for next page.

Folded Wings Artists: l
Cara, artist/poet
J. Fletcher, composer, 
DeAnn Whalen, violinist

Nellie LaBerge, flutist,
Reid McGowan, percussionist
Dr. Jeanne Beckwith, dramatic reading
Suzanne Wubbena, lights
John Barry,  Photographer

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