Meet CARA, an artist/poet who has a passion for studies in history, archaeology, and mythology.
Her paintings, poetry and performances require considerable research time at the library.  The twist here is that she also lives and works in a library. You’ll find the artist amongst her books in a restored 1910 Carnegie Library in Barnesville, a small historic town south of Atlanta. Beautiful paintings, poetry, sculpture garden, artifacts and  turn of the century elegance make for a fascinating story.

Cara's art work is as multi-layered as the excavations she participates in overseas. From  monotype prints to twelve foot painted triptychs, an archetypal veil of mystery pervades her work.   Suspended within her large, multi-layered  tableaus are representational figures,  bright colored abstractions, primal  forms, personal nuances and words and phrases.   Cara often presents her paintings with her poetry, music and lights in short artistic  performances at her studio.

Cara has paintings in private collections, educational and other public buildings throughout the United states. She founded Lamar Arts, an  arts organization  and acted as president for seven years. She is still a  member of the Board of Directors.  She has received grants and awards from the Georgia Council of Art and the American Schools of Oriental Research.  Cara is recognized  in historic preservation circles.  Cara Studios, her studio/gallery, home and sculpture garden was featured recently on  HGTV and her paintings seen of Georgia Public Broad-casting.  Cara gives historic tours and garden tours  at Cara Studios.  Commissions are accepted for  paintings, monotype prints, illustrations and poetry chapbooks.

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  Photo of Cara by Allison Adair Walters, Atlanta, Ga.