Immerse Yourself In Culture, Visit Cara Studios     LLetter from Cara

about the Historic 
South. Visit a restored 
1910 Carnegie Library

There are treasures to be found within short distancesof Atlanta; fifty miles to be exact. Treat your organization to a cultural and historical outing in this small historic town once known as the 
"Buggy Capital of the South."

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with an artist
in her unique
art studio
Have you ever wondered how 
an artist works? Home and Garden 
Television recently visited artist 
and poet Cara, in her studio.  Join 
the numbers of those who still talk
about their trip to the most elegant
 studio around

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a stroll through a 
lush sculpture garden
and take time for tea

What once was almost a 
barren lot adjacent to the the 
library and to downtown Barnesville
 business district is now a small 
private nature preserve and lush 
sculpture garden created 
by Cara. 

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Experience a 
powerful art event 
that appeals to 

Cara's cultural art event is a
must. Schedule a private
evening showing for your guests
  Only twenty five minutes in length,
 it fits well with a tour of the building and garden. Evening can be tailored
to suit your needs with refreshments

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